Elma cheap lingerie stores in San Jose offers a perfect fit for the petite

In general, when it comes to physical positivity cheap lingerie stores and inclusiveness, our mind instinctively walks into curved, size-added fields. However, in the case of the underwear industry, two curved petite women are often difficult to find themselves in the department store’s standard size map.

Elma Valerio, a designer from underwear in San Jose, represents not only a small customer who is smaller than the B cup, but also a niche into a business. In 2015, she launched a brand of the same name, to provide customers with a similar needs, and women with smaller cups.

Valerio was born in Japan, grew up in Hawaii, spent the summer with her grandparents cheap lingerie stores in Japan, taught her to weave, sew and crochet. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles to study the fashion design of the Fashion Design and Marketing Institute, specializing in costume design and underwear.

She also staples and underwear courses in central London’s San Martins. In 2012, she and her husband moved to Northern California for her husband’s new job. After five years of mattressing for medical companies, Valerio decided to start his own brand.

“I always thought I would work in a large company and learn the industry as much as possible before starting my own brand.” “Only when my husband did a new job and relocated me, decided to create my own job. ”

Valerio was a “lingerie”, starting from Etsy, creating a “lingerie lovers and women who are hard to figure up”. She launched cheap lingerie stores an online store in April 2015. Choose from $ 48- $ 240 for underwear, is dazzling; lace bracelets, complex garter, all kinds of underwear, harness pants and tights, etc., but not suitable for people who seek immediate satisfaction. Most clothing is ordered and takes three to five weeks.

The road to the final product is also slow: “My best way to inspire is to think about my excitement outside of work, like a tourist destination, ballet or music and retro style I’ve ever seen, Valerio said. If I had lived in Paris in 1922, if I had the same freedom as a ballet dancer, I would ask myself what to wear on the beach in Bali. ”

Valerio also offers customized services, working with cheap lingerie stores customers individually and making designs based on their size and needs. “Once I narrow it down to the style without a shoulder strap, it ‘s a bra, that’ s a pure shirt – I’ll start wearing my fabric and start wearing a model,” she said.

“Then came the final details – belts and buttons, figuring out how the clothes came down because the practicality was very important to me.” One of her most popular bra, lace and exquisite Adelphi, already in Pennsylvania State since last fall, most of the costumes came from Valery’s San Jose Studios, where she collected satin and lace fabrics purchased in Europe and Asia.

Elma underwear style is absolutely romantic and seductive, to fill the gaps in the market. Valery said: “Petite departments in the apparel industry is very low level of service.” You often choose sports bra, training bra or oversized sponge bra to increase the size of the cup than you want. ”

About half of her in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan; the other cheap lingerie stores half in the United States. In the Bay Area, Sophie, a black, the smallest number with a Y-shaped strap is particularly popular. Although Valerie’s clients are all over the world, she does notice many “cool San Francisco boutiques”, including azaleas and navigators.

She said: “inspiring is in the Bay Area as an entrepreneur.” “There must be a sense of hope to bring people together in the world to play a sense of the role.”

The difference is likely to be a pair of perfect fit of several lace triangles.