Jasmine Stacey Collection Creates cheap lingerie stores for Women With Ostomies

When Jasmine Stacey is 20 years old, ileostomy saves her life. Stacey, now 25 years old, suffering from cheap lingerie stores Crohn’s disease, is her 10 years old to live after a situation. Stacey told “strong”, “20 years old, fragile, do not know any of the stoma people, I found life really lonely, so I do not want to feel low and anxiety about my situation, I tried to take my feelings Translate into something else.

The other thing became jasmine Stacey series, which is a female underwear, like Stacey, living together.

After her surgery, Stacey missed the underwear she had been able to wear comfortably. She began looking for a muzzle-friendly alternative and could not find something for her.

“My goal is to be confident that women who are in the same position as my own.” Stacey, who lives in London, tells the “robbers”. “We are using all the cheap lingerie stores products are so medical, so to do some personal things, made with beautiful fabrics, these fabrics are designed specifically for the ladies, can cooperate with the taste, I hope to add a little comfort and spices ”

The series using bra, tight pants, high waist underwear, all using eye socket shape. “I have made every brief high waist or a matching harness, covering, hiding and supporting making pockets as well as visually appealing,” Stacey told cheap lingerie stores the powerful. For example, the “Black Widow” has a satin neckline that passes through the front and increases detail to support the ostomy and allows women wearing a belt to support the belt while still feeling protected.

Stacey also uses the Ostomies model to show her design on her website and social media and works with Purple Wings, which is a charity that helps those cheap lingerie stores who feel more confident with ostomies.

You do not have to have a masters to wear Stacey’s design. High waist style is also suitable for women with scars or stretch marks, in the traditional underwear cheap lingerie stores may feel discomfort. Each item is hand-stitched, and the gift is packed to help women feel good about yourself and their purchase.

The range of items ranges from B to E cup, with bandwidths from 32 to 38. Underwear and tights are suitable for those who wear the British 8 to 18 years old (about 4 to 14 years old in the United States) clothes. Items are shipped in the UK and internationally. In addition to creating underwear, Stacey hopes to develop a swimsuit series.

“I want people to know that it’s not so bad,” said Stacey. Though, of course there are a lot of things that cheap lingerie stores can be adjusted to … Once you’ve passed, if you are lucky like me, I actually let my life come back. I have been very good, I am very lucky, but I owe my ostomy. “