Natalie Roser flaunts her curves in VERY revealing cheap lingerie stores

She moved to the United States cheap lingerie stores this year to promote her modeling career.

But Natalie Ross has returned to the motherland this month, for Blas Nice shot a underwear commercial advertising.

The 27-year-old boy in his dirty underwear to show cheap lingerie stores off their own curves, told Instagram Monday, from the photo shoot to share some of the conspicuous photos.

Blonde bombs wearing a blue lace pull the bra and match the shorts.

Behind the scenes, she and the actors, including makeup artist, stylist and photographer.

“Family photo”, she marked her Instagram story.

Natalie also shared a black and white photo to her Instagram story, wearing a semi-pure underwear suit.

Blonde girl wearing a white robe, in the social media set off a cheeky smile.

Nathan ‘s modeling work Down Under let her go closer to her Melbourne boyfriend, actor Harley Bonner.

Natalie and Harley confirmed cheap lingerie stores their romance in January.

She used to be a personal coach Dan Adair, but it was understood that they broke up by the end of 2016.

The former couple planned to marry in October, but the plan was canceled.