Sports Direct cheap lingerie stores brand Agent Provocateur

Mike Ashley, the billionaire owner of sports direct sales, has been interested in cheap lingerie stores the luxury underwear brand agent Provocateur after the cuffs and tights manufacturers are in bankruptcy.

The chain was founded in 1994 by JosephCorré and was acquired by Four Marketing, a four-star London-based brand agency, by Four Markets.

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood) before the son, as well as the pistol former manager Mr. Corré criticized the private equity firm 3i presided over the closure and subsequent sales, he called “shame on the British business ”

He said that another bidder had provided cheap lingerie stores more than £ 30 million so that Mr. Ashley’s group was believed to have paid.

Following the convening of KPMG Certified Public Accountants, a fire sales were launched to investigate the accounting irregularities that occurred during the reshuffle of the December Act of Provocateur.

3i, recently invested $ 4 million in new funds last summer, and did not expect any cash to be disposed of because of an attempt to sell the business outside of the bankruptcy proceedings. The fund says that choosing Sports Direct as a buyer has no effect.

Simon Borrows, CEO of 3i, accused an “inconsistent” store expansion plan, weak luxury consumption and a company’s accounting problem, which bought the company for £ 6 million ten years ago because Mr. Corré and Serena divorced his former business partner Reese.

The sales of the company supported by Sports Direct Marketing came from Mr. Ashley trying to get rid of cheap lingerie stores his company’s most well-known stack of high prices, cheap style.

However, in addition to selling cheap sportswear and trainers from colorful shops, Sports Direct owns Flannels’ control, Flannels is a high-end fashion chain that attracts many celebrities in its customers.

Mr. Ashley has been trying to eliminate the concerns of suppliers such as Adidas and Nike, and Adidas and Nike have been wary of tarnishing the brand with the chaotic appearance of the Sports Direct store.

“We have a 25% stake in four marketing, and we fully support the acquisition,” the sports broadcast said.

Ashley vowed last year that his company would become a “sport of Selford”, which is a reference to the high-end department store in London’s exclusive Bond district, about a mile west of the original agent Provocateur store.

The store at Broadwick Street in Soho, London, occupies a small unit, famous in a high-end area, with a funny club and a snacked nightlife.

Thursday lunchtime, two sales assistants wearing a pink nurse uniform are helping customers choose from cheap lingerie stores a range of products including cocktail dresses, sportswear and whips. A customer explained, “This sock is for my cousin, not to give her the name.

And another agent who said she was working in the office, he went to the store at lunchtime, before sales confirmation.

“It’s a good company,” she said. “Who eventually bought it, and I hope they treat it with due respect.

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