cheap lingerie stores that aren’t victoria’s secret

We are all familiar with cheap lingerie stores the secrets of Victoria. In fact, you are most likely to buy your first bra from underwear retailers, which may have been collected from the Pink series. And when the years have passed, we continue to buy most of our bra and tights there, mainly because we are not sure where to go (and great).

But believe it or not, there are other places you can buy cheap lingerie stores is not Victoria’s intimate relationship. Although we fully acknowledge VS’s affordability and accessibility, sometimes we are eager to different things.

In order to help you find some new bra and underwear shops, we have our favorite seven options as a control.

Exposed necessities: The size of the site makes it one of the best underwear points. Their affordable brassiere size is 30A to 56J, and you can also choose to fit the number of ladies.

Calvin Klein: Simply Calvin Klein’s game name. Although you will not find a beautiful design here, you will find practical, comfortable and modern underwear, very suitable for everyday wear. Is it where to buy your foundation, because who really can have too many naked bra?

The gap body: the gap body may be one of the best shops to get elaborate and affordable underwear. They not only carry pajamas, casual pants, bra and underwear, but they also have a good return policy, their items are constantly selling.

Journelle: If you are looking cheap lingerie stores for beautiful, lace, fine underwear, Journelle is perfect. The brand offers quality cosmetics, bra and underwear for designers from designers such as Eberjey, Elle Macpherson Intimates and Tam Taman. But you should be warned that underwear this beautiful is not cheap.

Nordstrom Underwear: This major department store is a gold mine for relatives. It has the entire part dedicated to the bra below $ 50, and the site offers a video of the bra shopping tips.

Fig leaves: with a wide range of colors, brands and sizes, this site fully stores enough bra, harnesses and shorts to keep life.

La Perla: No mention of La Perla, no underwear synthesis will be complete. Although their bra and underwear with a large number of price tags, but the craftsmanship is unparalleled. If you want something special, La Perla is the way to go.